Dietzgen Corporation

Dietzgen Corporation provides converting and distribution services for digital print media including papers, films and textiles to the US market. Founded in 1989, today’s Dietzgen is a privately held corporation with six (6) dedicated facilities, completing a nation-wide manufacturing and distribution network allowing quick and efficient service. The Dietzgen brand has been proudly serving our customers for more than one hundred years.

Magic Digital Imaging Media

The award winning Magic portfolio includes best in class solutions as well as universally compatible products optimized for each segment of the wide-format print market. Magic products include canvas, photo paper, matte paper, banner, vinyl, photo-realistic paper, display film, backlit film, clear and matte film, pressure-sensitive media, textile, wall decor, and fine art rag.

Museo Fine Art Media

The Museo portfolio includes an award-winning selection of 100% cotton coated rag papers that feel and exude luxury. Museo Fine Art cotton rag and photo paper products are crafted to meet the highest standards for long life and gallery exhibitions. You can now buy DIRECT from Museo so you will never run out of your favorite products again!