Resale Certificate - Tax Requirements


Dietzgen Corporation is currently updating their sales & use tax exemption certificate database due to the recent supreme court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.  Specifically, what constitutes economic nexus. You should have received an email from our partner, Avalara requesting proper resale certificates be submitted.


Our records for your company are currently incomplete. The documentation needed for your company to make purchases from Dietzgen Corporation on a sales and use tax exempt basis is currently missing, invalid, or expired.


By law, Dietzgen is required to collect sales and use tax on all transactions without proper proof of your business' sales and use tax exemption. Dietzgen respectfully requests that your business complete and

submit a new form(s) to continue making purchases on a sales and use tax exempt basis.


This request must be completed by February 14th, 2020 or your company may be charged sales tax on your orders.


You can submit the required documents be either:


  1. Locating the email sent by or tax partner (Avalara).  This is the easiest method as there are already custom urls and links to access your company’s data. If you did not receive this email, you may contact us at kEncEmailubyAejfu{hfo/dpn and we will send you a copy of it. This email address will only be available till February 14th, 2020.
  2. Return your completed document(s) via postal mail or sending a digital copy to kEncEmailejfu{hfodpsqpsbujpoAdfsudbquvsf/dpn


Dietzgen is working with Avalara to update our sales and use tax exemption database. Should you have

any questions regarding the completion of the forms, please contact them at (206) 826-2252 and they will be glad to assist you in any way to expedite the process.


Note: Please do not submit previously completed forms as many state regulations and requirements may have changed since your last submission.


Please complete this request no later than February 14th, 2020 or we may have to begin applying sales and use tax to your future purchases from Dietzgen Corporation


We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your prompt response to this request.






There has been a drastic change to state sales tax laws due to the recent supreme court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.  Specifically, what constitutes economic nexus.

Economic nexus is defined by each state and is based on the sales volume into that state by a seller, in this case, Dietzgen.  Please see the summary below.

Thus, if we sell to you and we ship it to any state, we are required to have a resale certificate from you, issued to your company by that state or we have to charge you the sales tax for that state.

Likewise, your customers may need to give you a resale certificate if they are not the end users of the product or you should change them sales tax.

You can find addition information on the web site noted below…….